Pin Up Betting: Everything You Need to Know

Launched in 2016, Pin Up betting online site has made a name for itself over the years as one of the top sportsbooks. The bookmaker is licensed by reputable authorities and regularly audited to ensure that it is operating safely and fairly.  If you’re looking for a fun, modern-looking BK that’s always offering fresh new promotions, Pin Up is definitely worth checking out.

Sports on Offer

One of the best parts of Pin Up betting is being able to wager on every single sport imaginable. At Pin Up, you can make wagers on anything from English Premier League to Dota 2 and everything in between.

Every major sport including football, tennis, basketball, and hockey is presented at the bookmaker. Of course, lesser-known sports like skiing, cricket, and darts are also on offer.

BK Pin Up often has the best odds for popular markets. Fans of football in particular can find the best prices for the big tournaments.

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Pin Up Betting Markets

Sports betting is all about placing wagers on a certain event with a fixed amount of money. You can make wagers on any sport you can think of.

There are now different types of bets at this BK. These include win bets, handicap bets, accumulator bets, over/under bets, and many more.

In addition, three betting options are usually available on the PinUp betting slip, namely the single bet, the system bet, and the combination bet.

One of the simpler forms of Pin Up betting is the single bet. Each bet on the betting slip is evaluated individually. If you win, it will be multiplied by the corresponding odds. But even if the stake loses, it will not affect the other bets.

In the case of a combination bet, on the other hand, all the individual picks on a PinUp betting slip are linked together. So all odds are multiplied together. As a result, you can expect higher potential winnings.

The same applies to the risk involved. For the bet to win, all bets must be accurate. And that is typically pretty hard to achieve.

Various combination bets can then also be combined into a system bet. You can customize your bets however you want!

Given the size of the Pin Up betting site, it isn’t surprising that the most popular betting markets are accepted. These include 3-way bets, 2-way bets, handicaps, combination bets, etc.

Let’s take a look at these PinUp betting options in more detail.

3-way bet

The 3-way bet is the most typical bet. In this case, there are three possible outcomes: the home team to win, the away team to win, or a draw. Since this game format is used in the majority of football matches, it’s easy to see why this bet is such a popular option.

2-way bet

Now that you are familiar with the 3-way bet, you can probably guess what the 2-way bet is all about. 2-way bets are used wherever there are only two possible outcomes.

This is the case in football, for example, in knockout rounds or in many of the new stages.

For example, the new Pin Up betting formats allow you to bet on more or less than a certain total number of goals being scored.

Handicap Bet

The handicap bet originally comes from Asia but has now spread all over the world. Essentially, with a handicap bet, you give the favorite a virtual deficit at the start of the game.

In order to win, the team must win by more than one goal for your bet to win. Because such a game outcome is less likely, you get better odds from the BK for such bets.

Combination Bet

A combination bet is basically a collection of many bets. In this way you can, for example, easily bet on 100 games with just one betting slip. With football accumulators, you can reduce the risk and thus increase the chances of winning.

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How Many Picks Should be in a Combo Bet?

The number of selections is not necessarily decisive for combination bets. The odds are much more important. The bookmaker has no fixed rule for the number of sensible selections in an accumulator bet.

Successful bettors tend to aim for a rate in the middle double-digit range. This is the case, for example, with five to eight favorite tips. Even higher odds are possible, although it then becomes extremely difficult to make a profit that way.

If the odds end up in the three-digit range, superb luck is required for a positive outcome of the bet.

It tends to be the case that the number of tips depends primarily on the size of the odds. However, each added event also increases the risk. For this reason, it may make more sense to combine two bets on outsiders.

What Should the Stake Look Like in a Multiple Bet?

Opinions often differ on this question as well. While the experienced tipsters like to bet little amounts and allude to smaller PinUp betting odds, inexperienced players do the exact opposite.

Every tipster should know for himself how much money he can spare and what his financial budget looks like.

It is therefore also true for combination bets that bettors should never gamble above their financial limit no matter which sport they are betting on.

While winning is desirable, a losing accumulator should never end in financial disaster. Smaller bet amounts in the lower two-digit range are therefore recommended initially.

Pin Up Live Betting: When is it Useful?

With live sports Pin Up betting, you are very close to the action as you can watch matches in real time. In contrast to prematch bets, the bet is placed in real time, while the event is taking place.

This type of online PinUp betting is also referred to as in-play betting and is predominantly available in popular sports.

Because the bets at the BK can be placed parallel to the actual game events on the pitch or in the local stadium, the betting odds are always up-to-date. Odds are adjusted by the BK for each event.

Overall, it is definitely possible to make real money with live betting. For instance, you can place wagers on the big favorites that are behind, but you know that they can still win in the end.

The range of bets when it comes to live betting is almost limitless because apart from various Pin Up betting options for the upcoming decisive game situation or the prediction of the game result, there are some other online betting options.

Here are just some of the markets that the bookmaker offers:

  • Will there be a penalty within the next 2 minutes;
  • Which player will receive a yellow;
  • How many corner kicks will there be throughout the game.

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Mobile App

The best thing about the BK Pin Up mobile app is that it allows you to make bets anywhere, whether at home, on the train, on the couch, or outside. You are not physically tied to one spot and have more freedom as a result.

The online casino Pin Up betting app offers you a more comfortable user interface and more options for interaction.

In addition, it can store your data locally on the corresponding mobile device, which ensures faster operation.

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Mobile Website or Betting App: Which One to Choose?

The answer to this question largely depends on your own preferences, as both options have their pros and cons. But we recommend the responsive HTML5 website, which was not only specially made for mobile devices — its resolution is also better in most cases.

A well-designed app can also look very impressive, but it is not always available on all devices, or it is not available in your app stores. Responsive HTML5 websites are more compatible and still easy to use.

With apps, it happens that functions have been omitted for the sake of simplification and can only be accessed via the website.

BK Pin Up is a top destination for sports bettors, offering plenty of markets to keep everyone happy. It offers a wide range of different sports and is equally great for both live and pre-match betting.