Tips and Tricks on Playing the Pin Up Aviator

For quite some time Spribe’s Aviator has been driving the players. This is a so-called crash game. You need to bet on a plane that is taking off and slowly rising towards the horizon. This will raise the multiplayer constantly. The aim of Pin Up casino Aviator is to get the right point and get paid before the little plane accelerates and disappears from view.

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How to Play the Game?

Pin Up Aviator is one of those games that you don’t expect to resonate with gamblers. It belongs in the mini-games category and is usually hardly noticed by players because most of the time all of their focus is on slots and live casino games.

However, this game is truly special and deserves all the praise. Pin Up Aviator has taken the hearts of players by storm. And you can Pin Up Aviator app download right from the site of the casino, and start to make money right away.

It’s actually not a new concept at all, since a game called «Crash» has been around for a few years. However, it could not prevail among the players. Maybe an aviator just sounds more positive than a crash.

Players can start making bets as soon as they launch the Pin Up casino Aviator. The bets can be multiplied with the win multiplier. There is a special algorithm to it.

To do this, tap the cash-out button. However, you need to time things perfectly for winning, because the aircraft will eventually fly out of view. If you click too late, the bet will be lost.

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However, since no one can say exactly when the plane will disappear from the monitor, which can be after a few seconds or much later, it is a risky game in which players have to keep their heads cool and trust their instincts to have a chance of winning.

You can see the best players who make money from the game on the Winners Board to the left of Pin Up casino Aviator.

To play the game from your gadget, try Pin Up Aviator APK download at any moment of time.

The game has an RTP of 97% which is comparable to many other casino games. While playing the Pin Up Aviator for real money, you can also claim the bonus and use it to play extra rounds and make money.

To learn about all the secrets, continue reading.

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Pin Up Aviator Tricks

Of course, Pin Up Aviator is a game of chance, meaning that very few strategies are effective. Nevertheless, winning strategies exist.

And even a Pin Up Aviator predictor app with a special algorithm. But first, let’s take a look at a few Pin Up Aviator tricks in this manual.

Tip №1

In order to start winning at the Pin Up Aviator game, you need to first learn some secrets and strategies. And this manual will help you with exactly that.

First, the plane must take off so that a win multiplier of over 1.0 is reached, second, the Cash Out button must be clicked before the plane disappears from the monitor.

However, there might be times when the plane does not take off at all and therefore does not appear on the monitor due to the algorithm. This happens very rarely and is something that cannot be influenced by the player.

So clicking the Cash Out button is the only thing players can do. This is where a high payout rate of 97% comes into play. This means that a raise in the win multiplier to over 3 or higher is rather rare. Therefore, simply try to take any wins just under 1.5x.

If you succeed three times in a row, you can keep increasing your bet. Basically, it’s like real money roulette, where the higher the table coverage, the more «sure» your winnings are. This way you can make money more consistently. But it’s just one of many secrets.

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Tip №2

When playing the Pin Up Aviator for real money, try to start off with small stakes. As with other casino games, it is important not to put everything on one bet and to divide the existing budget.

For example, if you deposit a hundred INR into your account and play with one INR per game round, you would have to lose 100 times in a row, which is very unlikely if you play more carefully. So stick to the manual, pay attention to the algorithm, and you’ll be winning in no time.

The comparatively early click of the cash-out button means that the probability of loss in relation to the total budget can be further reduced. It is therefore a long-term strategy that has a good chance of being successful.

play with low stakes

Tip №3

Don’t forget to claim the bonus before playing Pin Up casino Aviator if there’s such an option. You can then win double the amount of your stake since the same amount of bonus money and your own money are always used. This also applies to Pin Up Aviator APK download.

However, it is important to look at the conditions in advance and to clarify whether the bonus can be used in Pin Up Aviator and other similar games at all and which bonus conditions apply.

Also, you can use the Pin Up Aviator predictor to try and predict the outcome of the rounds.

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Betting With the Martingale System

The Martingale system is often used by roulette players in particular, but can also be used for the Pin Up casino Aviator.

Using these tactics, you have to raise the sum of your bet until you win. This bet then results in a payout that makes up for the previous losses and still yields a small profit.

While in roulette you have to double the stakes every round, the martingale system for this can be modified in such a way that the stake after a losing bet is adjusted to the odds of the next bet, so that you can win the same amount in the end.

Fibonacci System

The Fibonacci betting system is based on a sequence of numbers that was discovered in 1202 by the mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci.

However, some ancient people already knew the Fibonacci numbers. They are of enormous importance in nature and are also closely related to the golden ratio.

In detail, it is an infinite series of numbers, with each number representing the sum of its two predecessors.

Although the number 1 traditionally represents the starting value, a 0 can often still be found in modern notation. Here is what the beginning of the Fibonacci sequence of numbers looks like:

  • 0;
  • 1;
  • 2;
  • 3;
  • 5;
  • 8;
  • 13;
  • 21;
  • 34;
  • 55;
  • etc.

When playing PinUp Aviator, you can use this series of numbers. Even with Pinup casino app download. Because of its ease of use, the Fibonacci betting system is suitable even for beginners.

Whenever you lose, according to the tactics, your next bet should be based on the previous two totals — or in other words, you jump one digit further.

With every win at PinUp Aviator, you always return to the starting value. In contrast to the Martingale strategy, the bets are not doubled here but simply added from the previous two game totals.

Kelly System

The Kelly System was developed by American scientist John Larry Kelly in the 1950s. The system aims to find the optimal bet to maximize one’s winnings.

In order for the betting strategy to work at PinUp Aviator, you have to assess the probability of an event and weigh your own calculated odds with the game’s odds.

How high your bet is while playing PinUp casino Aviator in detail always determines the relationship between the determined probability of winning and the payout ratio in the Kelly system.

The Kelly strategy is based on bets with positive profit expectations – i.e. bets where the bettor has an advantage.

You can calculate the bets yourself using the Kelly system since the system is based on a special formula. However, you need to recalculate each bet.

Of course, this is associated with a not to be despised expenditure of time, which is why for a long time only absolute professionals resorted to the strategy.

Fortunately, various Kelly system calculators can now be found on the Internet, in which you only have to enter the corresponding parameters. This will make your life a lot easier when playing PinUp Aviator.

Many experts believe that the Kelly System is the betting strategy with the highest winning potential. However, the system also has disadvantages.

Thus, it is almost impossible for amateur gamblers to determine the exact probability of the outcome at PinUp casino Aviator.

This is due to the fact that numerous variables have to be taken into account here. It happens again and again that users clearly misjudge themselves when having fun at Pin Up casino India.

Another problem is the sometimes very high risk. Depending on the starting position, the formula can result in values that sometimes even correspond to more than 50 percent of your bankroll.

Overall, the Aviator is a pretty fun game. We recommend giving it a try.